I may have snagged someone’s sim to use for practice painting, but it turned out looking like garbage, so this happened instead…

Nervous: What is this!? What is going on here!?

Mallory: Dad, calm down! It’s nothing!


Chance: Um… I should go…

Nervous: I knew it. I KNEW it! I knew this whole boyfriend thing was a terrible idea! I knew it! never should’ve let this happen! I’m an awful parent! An awful awful parent! *trembles* *chews fingers*

Mallory: But dad—

Belinda: He’ll be fine, Mallory. You know how he gets…

Everyone: *having a blast*

Nervous&Belinda: *walk in*

Everyone: *SCATTERS*

Mallory gets to have Chance all to herself, and other girls are getting flowers for no reason, but poor Melanie can’t even get a date to prom.

With Belinda and Nervous out of the house for a while, the girls threw together a party for all of their classmates. One last bit of fun should be had before they have to move.

With five people sharing one tiny bathroom, it takes a collective effort to keep it clean.

I love seeing all of the ts2 pics on my dash. It brings back memories :)

Once I tried a challenge called Date or Incinerate (which is basically a Bachelor/Bachelorette Challenge with more death) that’s supposed to last seven days in game. I lost one bachelorette to the first day’s elimination, and by the end of the second day, I’d lost five more bachelorettes to spontaneous combustion after a fishing challenge on a particularly hot day.

*sigh* Good times.

Nervous: It won’t be as bad as you think.

Melanie: No, it’ll probably be worse than we think! We’ll have to go to a new school! We’ll have to make new friends! And what about poor Cassini?! She’s an alien! She can’t live just anywhere!

Cassini: I really can’t. *shrugs*

Melanie: Mom! Fix this!

Nervous: Could you help me out here?

Belinda: Melanie, I don’t know what to tell you. I’m as shocked as you are, but… t-think of it this way… We’ll have a new crack at life! A new start in a new place!

Melanie: I like this place just fine!

Belinda: Melanie, I’m serious. The decision has been made, and it’s final. You might as well accept it and move on.

Melanie: *grumbles*

Nervous: I got a memo at work today, and… It looks like my job is being transferred.

Mallory: What does that mean?

Nervous: It means that… Well… We’re moving.

Mallory: What?!

Belinda: *GASP* Moving?! How soon!?

Nervous: Within a week or so, I think.

Melanie: Great… Great! Fan-tastic! We have to leave behind everything we’ve ever known! Great news, dad!

Mallory: Things are finally working out with Chance, and now this!? This is so unfair!

Nervous: *sigh* I knew you wouldn’t take this well

Nervous: Okay… Girls, now that we’re all together, I have some important news.

Mallory: Ooh! Are we getting a dog?!

Nervous: No, we’re not getting a dog.

Melanie: Can we get a dog? That’ll be fun, right?

Nervous: We’re not getting a dog.

Cassini: Aww.

Melanie: Then what do you have to tell us?

Because I’m "smart", once the sickness was over, I tried to feed him more herbs to improve his mood, and… yeah…

My poor Duncan is sick. A combination of herb od and the flu are an awful mix. :(

He’s super broke, but he can still have nice things.