Virgil: *teacher voice* Now class, if you’d please take out your textbooks and turn to a page you really didn’t care enough to read… Blahblah blahblah science. Blah blahblah blah photosynthesis. Blah blah blahblah cellular respiration—

Carson: Hahaha! Dude, I made the skeleton eat its own leg! HAHAHAAAA! HAHAHAHA—

Skeleton: *turns* *stares*

Carson: Haha—huh—

Skeleton: *JUMPS*


Mallory: Elaine, these are my sisters, Melanie and Cassini.

Elaine: Nice to meet you!

Cassini: Hello… Elaine, is it?

Elaine: Yes, hehe. That’s me!

Cassini: It’s nice to meet you, too! Now… If you could just hold still for me please. *pulls out probe*

Elaine: What— What is that!?

Cassini: Do you like it? I made it myself! Now hold out your arm, and turn your head that way to protect your face—

Elaine: But— Wait, I—

Mallory: …Uh-Cassini’s just… joking around… Aren’t you, Cassini…?

Cassini: Don’t flinch! It’s just a skin sample! It’ll only take a second!

Mallory may have met a new friend, but Cassini has taken a slight interest in her too…

Mallory: I’m really glad that you could come over, Elaine. We don’t know many people in this town, so you know…

Elaine: No problem! I love meeting new people!

Mallory: I admit that I’m usually better company, but… I was dating this guy in our old neighborhood and…*sniff* We haven’t talked in a while, and—*sniff*sniffle*

Elaine: Oh, you poor dear! I’m so sorry! *hugs* Don’t worry. I’m here now. All you need is an old-fashion girl’s night! With all the junk food, sappy movies, and magazines you can stand! You’ll feel better in no time!

When you have so many things to post that it’s almost overwhelming…

Soooo… I kinda forgot that we had a goldfish…

Virgil: Now… why are we doing this?

Carson: It’s a polar plunge! I used to do it with my step-dad every winter. It brings good luck or something!

Virgil: …Uh huh…

Carson: It’s cool! Once your body gets used to the cold, you won’t really feel anything.

Virgil: I think that’s called hypothermia.

Carson: Aww, come on! *swims over* Don’t be such a BABY! *SPLASH*


Meanwhile, the realization that she and Chance would never be together again has left Mallory a tad… desperate.

Virgil: *inserts dollar*


Virgil: Hmm… *selects snack cakes*


Virgil: Hey! *SHOVES* What th—*SMACKS* My cakes are stuck! *SHAKES*

Merchant: Hey, kid! Cut that out!

Virgil: BUT MY CAKES ARE STUCK! *backs up*

Merchant: I wouldn’t do tha—


Virgil: Mel? Can you drop us off at the next bus stop?

Melanie: What? Why?

Virgil: Um… We need some stuff…—for class!

Melanie: Oh. Okay.


Carson: …You didn’t plan on going to school today, did you?

Virgil: Nope.

*walk to the mall*

*bowl for 4 hours*

I was walking across the porch tonight and knelt down to pet one of my kittens, when I suddenly realized that what I was actually kneeling to pet was a baby possum that was eating out of my cats’ food dish.