Virgil: Ugh, this room is so big! It fits two double beds!

Carson: Dude, I love murphy beds! *jumps* Hahaa~*bounce*


Carson: Du-Whoa! -c r e a k - WhoawhoawhoawhoaAAAHH—*SLAMS* …mfffuuh uhffuh mff—*thumpTHUMPthump* Mffuuhff! *THUMPthump*


Melanie gets to have her own room, and Mallory gets to put up with Cassini’s snoring all by herself.

Cassini: Wow… This house is huge!

Belinda: It is a bit… bigger than what we need.

Nervous: It is, but it’s what my company reserved for us.

Virgil: So do we take these in now, or—

Mallory: Here’s the check list to make sure everything makes it in. *hands notebook*

Belinda: Don’t worry about the last few boxes. Your father and I will take care of them.

Nervous: You all have school in the morning, and should’ve been in bed hours ago.

The kids: *mass groaning*

Virgil: Meh… Tomorrow’s Friday. We can skip it and not miss anything—

Belinda: You’re going to school. Now go to bed.

The kids: groaning intensifies -

Chance: I’ll call you every single day—

Mallory: Aww. *hugs*

Virgil: Mallory?

Chance: —and txt you every night and first thing every morning.

Mallory: You better. *squeezes*

Virgil: Mallory?!

Chance: I’ll miss you.

Mallory: I’ll miss you too.

Virgil: Mallory!!!

Mallory: O-kay! Geez! What do you wa— What’s wrong with mom?


Virgil: I think she thought about us moving, and it just sort of… hit her.

Cassini: Awww! My kite won’t fly!

Belinda: Where did you get that?

Cassini: Out of that box.

Belinda: Could you please not unpack things that we’ve already put away?These need to be on the truck right now! Mallory, could you help me with this?

Mallory: But mom… Chance is here! I’ll help later!

Belinda: But we need to leave later! *sigh* Alright… 10 minutes. That’s it.

Mallory: Thanks, mom.

Belinda: Big day todaaaay~

Cassini: You’ve been saying that all morning…

Nervous: *checks schedule* I have a few meetings and last minute things to do at work this afternoon.

Belinda: No worries. We should have everything packed up and ready to head out by tonight! Isn’t this exciting?

The Kids:

Carson: Well I’m excited, Aunt Belinda.

Belinda: Thank you, Carson. But I’m not… I’m not your aunt.

Carson: Ah- Can I call you 'mom' then?

Belinda:Aunt Belinda is fine.

Virgil: But we can’t leave him behind, dad! What will he do? What will I do!?

Nervous: I know it’ll be hard to get used to a new place and make new friends, but you’re going to have to.

Virgil: But he’s my best friend! The only best friend I’ll ever have!

Nervous: You know that’s not true—

Carson: I’m gonna miss you, buddy. *sniff*sniff*

Virgil: I’m gonna miss you too. *sniffle*sniff*

Nervous: Stop it!

Carson: What if— What if my mom says I can go?

Nervous: She wouldn’t agree to that.

Virgil: But what if she does?

Nervous: I-I-I’d have to talk to your mother about it, but—

Virgil: Is that a yes?

Nervous: L-Look, I—

Virgil: So it’s a maybe..?

Nervous: Right now it’s nothing, so don’t get your hopes up… If Casey is… alright with it, then… We’ll see.

Virgil: Since Carson is part of our family, and, well, his mom kicked him out and his dad is… somewhere… What if… when we move…

Nervous: No, Virgil, you—

Virgil: Please, dad?! We could be roomies!

Carson: I-I wouldn’t take up much space, I swear!

Nervous: We can’t take you with us, Carson. Your mother wo—

Carson: Mom won’t mind! She has my brother and my step-dad to keep her company!

Virgil: Without us here, he’ll be practically alone!

Carson: —and I’ll get my own place as soon as I turn eighteen!

Nervous: *sigh* You two…

Virgil: Well, dad… *sits* We have a… proposition for you.

Nervous: …a what?

Cassini: Oh, I’ve gotta hear this… *eavesdrops*

Virgil: Carson and I are very close. Like, very close.

Nervous: …uh huh.

Virgil: I mean, he’s my cousin, but I’ve always kinda thought of him as the brother I always wanted.

Carson: -gasp- Dude?

Virgil: Dude.

Nervous: O- ‘kay..?

Belinda: Bedtime, Cassini.

Cassini: But mom—

Belinda: No buts.Bedtime. Now.

Virgil: Dude, say something.

Carson: Say what?

Virgil: Tell him what we talked about.

Carson: But— I don’t—

Virgil: Dude! Do you want me to talk to him?

Carson: Duh. He’s your dad.

Nervous: You might as well stop whispering. I can hear you just fine from there.

At a neighborhood sports bar, over poorly made drinks, Virgil tells Carson how he really feels about military school.

Virgil: Thanks for giving us a ride, Mallory.

Mallory: It’s no problem. Thanks for inviting me along.

Carson: I bet people bum rides off of you all the time, right?

Mallory: Actually, no, they don’t! No one ever asks me for rides!

Virgil: Really? Why not?

Mallory: I honestly don’t know! -plumblump- *drives over sidewalk*


“You can tell a lot about a person from the music they listen to. Put your music device on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs that play without skipping. Then claim 10 victims. (Tag 10 people.)”

I was tagged by the lovely treason-and-plot :)

1. Rhinestone Eyes - Gorillaz

2. Brain Power - Freezepop

3. Closing Time - Semisonic

4. I’ve Been Thinking About You - London Beat (laugh if you want, but you know this song is hot)

5. Here With Me - Dido

6. When I Grow Up - Fever Ray

7. Back Stabbers - The O’Jays

8. Rain Down Love (Walken Edit) - Freemasons ft. Siedah Garrett

9. Moonlight Shadow - E-Rotic

10. You’re No Good - Linda Ronstadt