Nervous: Belinda? I got your text. Are you okay? *hugs*

Belinda: Yes, I’m fine. I just… had some news. That’s all.

Nervous: What is it?

Belinda: Well… First of all… I quit my job today.

Nervous: You quit?

Belinda: Yeah. It just wasn’t working out. You’re not mad, are you?

Nervous: Mad? No. Of course not.

Belinda: Oh. Then great!

Nervous: Is there… something else?

Belinda: Oh yeah! We’re having a baby.

Nervous: - G A S P - A baby!? Us?! Are you serious!? *rubs tummy*

Belinda took her mother’s advice and stopped by the hospital on her way home, and what do you know… She was a bit fluffier than usual.

Belinda: Let’s see… Armand, Emerson, Lanier- ah, McGrath. -b u z z- Mom? It’s me! Are you in?

-b u z z- *MUSIC BLARES*

Belinda: Mom?


Nordli: Belinda! Hi! *smustles*

Belinda: Hey, mom…

Nordli: Do you like the new place? It’s great, right? *dances*

Belinda: Y-Yeah, it’s… Could you… turn that down maybe. I wanted to talk to you.

Nordli: Oh! Sure! Sit, sit! *turns off music* So… What did you want to… talk about?

Belinda: Well, I— Why are you looking at me like that?

Nordli: You’ve… put on a little weight.

Belinda: What?

Nordli: You just look a little… fluffier than usual.

Belinda: Fluffy?

Nordli: Have you seen a doctor lately?

Belinda: No. I haven’t needed to—

Nordli: Maybe you should.

Belinda: Um… I’ll… keep that in mind.

'Trick or Treat!'

Belinda: Trick or… Carson?

Carson: Hi. Trick or Treat?

Belinda: Carson, Spooky Day was two days ago. What are you doing here? Does Casey know you’re out this late?

Carson: Probably, I don’t know…

Belinda: *sigh* If I give you candy, will you promise to go straight home?

Carson: Sure.

Belinda: Okay. Take these lollipops.

Carson: Yay!

Belinda: Now please go home.

Carson: *snort* Bye!

Belinda: Go home, Carson.

Carson: Byyyeee!

Belinda: I’m calling your mother.

Carson: Okay, geez…

A party was held to commemorate Nervous and Belinda’s first Spooky Day together.

With Spooky Day right around the corner, I thought it would be cute to check out the haunted house at the fall festival.

It wasn’t, and I was horribly mistaken.

After paying for their wedding, they didn’t have the cash to go on a real honeymoon, so they use what they have left + the cash from sold wedding presents to buy a new car which they badly needed and fund a day at the still not finished amusement park.

This is to make up for the shower incident the night before…

The rain came and disrupted their picnic.

Choosing the shower for a first woohoo is… ambitious to say the least, and I think they realised that once they were there. Especially with Nervous’ issues with nudity…

I think they’re going to need a do-over a little later on.

Nervous: We— *spins* —are married!

Belinda: Yeah! Ah~

Nervous: *dips* So… What now?

Belinda: I need a shower, so… You could… help me out of my dress…?

Nervous: Oh… Sounds good! *grabby hands*

Belinda: Hehehe! *runs*