Choosing the shower for a first woohoo is… ambitious to say the least, and I think they realised that once they were there. Especially with Nervous’ issues with nudity…

I think they’re going to need a do-over a little later on.

Nervous: We— *spins* —are married!

Belinda: Yeah! Ah~

Nervous: *dips* So… What now?

Belinda: I need a shower, so… You could… help me out of my dress…?

Nervous: Oh… Sounds good! *grabby hands*

Belinda: Hehehe! *runs*

Their lovely cake and dessert buffet were provided by Jude’s bakery.

I thought, ‘Oh, I’ll just snap a quick pic of them while everyone finds their seats!’ And she sneezed.

Nervous: Belinda, you— Wow…

Belinda: Do you like it?

Nervous: Yeah! You look… Wow…

Nordli: Hi, you two! I don’t mean to interrupt but… I think it’s about that time.

Nervous: Y-yeah… We should… probably start…

Belinda: Oh… O-okay…

Upon arrival, Belinda bypassed all other guests, and ran right into John’s arms.

Nervous finally tracked down his mother six hours after she was supposed to meet him as the guests begin to arrive.

While Belinda set off to run her bridely errands, Nervous took care of things at home while waiting for his mother to arrive several hours late from Midnight Hollow.